Tour the Farms, Taste the Fruits!
19 May 2011
Tour the Farms, Taste the Fruits!

When summer is gone and the rain starts to take over the country, every single square meter of farms and fields is colored with juicy fruits, especially in Rayong, Chanthaburi, andTrat around the east of Thailand where products become festivals, from the Fruit Festival in Rayong, the World’s Durian Festival in Chanthaburi, to Sweet Rakam and the Fruit Festival in Trat.

Despite the fact that school time is approaching and everyone isbusy preparing for school, parents still feel comfortable driving with their children to the east. Probably because there is still a long vacation, the journey does not take long, fresh seafood awaits, and they can also take a trip to the mountains. Above all, a whole family or a group of friends can just drop by a farm where you can enjoy fresh fruit along with your sightseeing. Whoever you gowith, you will still be entertained and in the meantime given a lesson about Thailand’s agricultural system.

One of the most visited places during the season is Supattra Land Farm in Rayong. The spot boasts plenty of activities. Start off with luscious coconut juice, and then take a tram for a little sightseeing at the farm where you can take a photo with an all-red rambutan tree, and grab some of the fruit and have a taste. The placethat people often enjoy the most is the durian farm. There is staff from the farm to help you with the fruit peeling so that you can indulge in your fruit course non-stop. There are also some other fruits you might fancy such as mangosteen, longkong, mango and grape amongst others. Then top off the trip by shopping for some fruit to take back home for your family and friends.

In addition, the local farms around the area are welcome every traveler, for instance KhunPaitoon’s farm in Trat, Grandma Da’s farm and KhunPanya farm in Rayong. The most popular type of fruit farmed here is the Krajib-line durian. Sometimes, farm owners name the line of a fruit after their own names. For example, the Jansuda-line durian comes with a good smell and sweet taste. If you have enough time, you can drive over to the GardenPlantsResearchCenter to learn more about Thai durians. There are more than a hundred lines of durian that are geographically suitable for planting in these three provinces. The line that fruits the earliest and mostly at about the same time is inTrat province. This type of durian is produced in such numbers that it is exported to Taiwan and Hong Kong. The fruit is graded at its central market and put into temperature-controlled containers, then shipped via sea. Getting to know this makes me eventually understand the concept “World Durian” of Trat province. I cannot help amusing myself thinking that we Thai people,only get to eat all the small durians because the big ones are shipped overseas. But the farmers said that durians from Rayong and Chanthaburi were more than enough for Thai people to consume, and the rest should be kept for export to help boost the country’s revenue. It is truly our pride to possess such a special fruit that has been recognized world-wide.

Isn’t it a good idea to visit a farm sometime and enjoy yourself with these succulent fruits?

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